2016 Advantech Embedded IoT Partner Summit

Jumpstarting Future IoT Business Together with Our Partners, October 27th - 29th

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  • 09:00 - 11:30 Hiking : Zhongyong Mountain , Bishanyan , Baishih Lake Bridge

  • 12:00 - 13:00 Lunch

  • 13:00 - 14:30 Show : Taiwan Acrobatic Troupe & Beijing Opera and Kun Opera Troupe

    Reminder : Flight time should be later than 19:00, and must check out at morning of Oct. 29.

Hiking - Zhongyong Mountain 忠勇山

Zhongyong Mountain is the largest ridge of Wuzhi Mountain, and its altitudes is 325 meters respectively. There is a bronze statue of Chiang Kai-shek at the peak of the mountain. Starting from Jinlong Temple, the trail is rocky and steep, similar to a Hero Slope.

At a high altitude, you will have an unobstructed and magnificent view of Taipei City. The trail is accompanied by the serene flow of Dagou Creek, and the wood-made path serves as a complement to the river and forest. As one traverses further down the trail, the forest becomes denser; flowers and the singing of colorful birds create an aura of excitement. The journey will require more stamina and is more challenging.




Hiking - Bishanyan 碧山巖


Located in Mt. Zhongyong in Neihu District, Taipei City, Bishanyan is also known as Bishan Temple, or Kaizhangshengwang Temple. It is so far the biggest temple of saints and ancestors in Taiwan, worshiping the “Sacred Prince, Developer of Zhangzhou”, Tan Goan-kong. Tan Goan-kong has been regarded as the guardian in Fujian and Zhangzhou since the end of Tang Dynasty. Since Qing Dynasty, Bishanyan has become the religious center of the Zhangzhou immigrants in Neihu. Looking down from high above, Bishanyan commands the view of the whole Taipei Basin. With the enchanting afterglow as well as the well-known night view, it is the greatest attraction for people to appreciate the views of Taipei.


Hiking - Baishih Lake Bridge 白石湖吊橋

In order to solve tourists’ traffic problem of entering Baishihu Tourism Farm in Neihu, Taipei City Government especially planned and established Baishih Lake Bridge. The suspension bridge measures 116 meters long and stretches across Mt. Zhongyong and Daluntou Mountain Chain. With the design rationale that originates from the mountains surrounding Baishih Lake, it was shaped in accordance with the image of dragon bones and built into an invisible suspension bridge that has no suspension cables. Standing out from the common towering abutments of ordinary suspension bridges, Baishih Lake Bridge is well merged into its local pastoral landscape.


Show - The Entertaining Acrobatics 遊藝百戲節目簡介

The Dance of the Phoenix鳳凰翼語

The acrobat performs toss juggling on a swaying board on a rolling tube. Watch how the performers keep their balance on the swaying boards.



Hustle and Bustle手忙腳亂

The performer is busy spinning twelve bowls on the sticks and the performance is exciting and funny.



Ring Acrobatics武環

The female martial artist twirls hula hoops around her body. The ring acrobatics are marvelous and fascinating to watch.



To the Sky直上青雲

Each leg of the bottom chair is resting on top of an empty glass bottle, supporting the 25-feet stack of chairs, and the performer is balancing on the top of the stacking chairs.


Show - Beijing Opera and Kun Opera Troupe 臺灣京崑劇團


Havoc in Heaven-BI-MA-WEN 鬧天宮之弼馬溫

Sun wu-kong was converted to Buddhism, he occupied Flower and Fruit Mountain and Waterfall Cave.  Jade Emperor commanded Metal Star God to recruit Sun to be Bi-Ma-Wen, a guardian of stable, in heaven.  Horse King told Sun that Bi-Ma-Wen was the lowest position, a horse keeper, and then Sun was furious and fought against Horse King and other gods.



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