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The Smart Hospital Conference 2018 invited you to Stockholm, Sweden, to explore, discuss and experience medical technology. This solution day was filled with presentations of national and international companies that gave hospitals and healthcare the next push.

The event took place in Sweden on the 4th of December 2018.
Our next edition will be presented on this page once a location has been decided. Please visit again soon!

IoT in Health Applications

Experience how the Internet of Things (IoT) can revolutionize hospitals around the world

Creating Intelligent Hospitals

Get inspired from professionals to create the hi-tech intelligent hospital of the future

Health-Tech Discussions

Share your experiences of health technology and discuss what can improve a patients stay and the work environment for doctors and nurses in your hospital

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What to expect from the Smart Hospital Conference in Stockholm


Increase Efficiency

Making the best out of the workforce and available technology in a hospital is key for a effective treatment of any patient. By increasing efficiency more patients can be taken care of in less time with less stress of nurses and doctors alike. But how to increase efficiency in an environment that requires full attention and technology that has to be certified and cannot fail at any time?


Healthcare Costs Reduction

Find new ways of doing things and save costs. By finding cheaper yet just as efficient ans safe solutions for your department or hospital, you can invest even more in a modern, safe and pleasant environment for your patients. Discuss possibilities with experts and companies to find the perfect solution for you


Meet with Experts and Network

The Smart Hospital Conference gives ample time to discuss local and international challenges of digital healthcare in a professional environment. One of our focus is to give ample opportunity to network throughout the conference.
Talk with medical companies, doctors and nurses about their needs and find solutions for practical problems of everyday hospital life

Key Speakers of the 2018 Edition

Wilhelm Landerholm

Wilhelm is one of the Swedens most well known Data Scientist and has built mathematical/statistical models in his own company since 2003. 2003 did not contain buzzwords like AI, Machine Learning, Big Data or Data Science, which in recent years, popped up like mushrooms, tried to describe or explain what Wilhelm is working with. Wilhelm himself usually says that he tries to solve problems with math and data. Probably you have already used a model signed by Wilhelm, for example. When you signed in with a password, went by train or bus, bought a coffee or ... yes the list can be made long as Wilhelm has over 250 licensed models today.

Wilhelm will try to open the lid to a world as so many say will be our future with self-driving cars, virtual realities and intelligent machines. Because behind the forest of buzzwords and borrowed concepts, something rests. Something exciting and sometimes worrying.

For those who want to know more about Wilhelm Landerholm and have access to DI, read DiWeekend's report about him HERE

Martin Ingels

Martin Ingels is Head of Industry Collaboration at the Karolinska University Hospital’s Center for Innovation

Presentation at Smart Hospital Conference: How can innovation be focused to increase the value of care, enable us to meet future challenges and leverage future opportunities?

Thomas Blomseth Christiansen

Thomas Blomseth Christiansen tells his personal story about how allergies and eczema that got significantly worse prompted him to embark on a now decade-long—and highly successful—quest to “debug” himself. From the onset he needed data on what was going on to better understand his health condition and drawing on his professional background in software engineering he began building tools to be able to collect data from his everyday life. Over the years he has been combining own tools with an array of different commercially available self-tracking devices to seek answers to his continually evolving set of questions. A long-standing member of the global Quantified Self community, Thomas has especially been pioneering methods for making high-frequency, in-the-moment observations of subjective experience.

Since 2011 Thomas has also been part of doing small-scale pilots to have patients use self-tracking in various clinical contexts. That has given him a unique perspective on how to make it work—and what the barriers to adoption are, too. In a situation where he himself has collected many times more data about his health than the healthcare system in his native Denmark has on record the question is just how smart a smart hospital will have to be to be able to provide relevant services to data-rich patients like him? Thomas will outline how supporting patients in collecting data about questions that matter to them pose both challenges and opportunities to health IT as we know it.

Presentation at the Smart Hospital Event: Debugging Myself—and Enabling Others, too

Joris Wille

Joris Wille is founder and CEO of BeWell Innovations NV, a Belgium fast growing software company specialized in connecting medical technology for tele-monitoring and self-testing to support the 'Patient Journey' healthcare path.

Presentation at Smart Hospital Conference:Turning data into information and knowledge at each stage of the patient journey to provide significant value and enabling precision medicine

Sven Klement

Sven Klement is Divisional Manager at Alphatron Medical Innovations

Presentation at Smart Hospital Conference:Nowadays the majority of care processes in hospitals are digitized and part of the EHR, the electronic health record. It is thus about time to improve the workflow at the point-of-care to make patient care safer and easier, which means increasing effectiveness of the medical and nursing staff. This can be done with efficient filing, administrating and recording medication, measuring vital sings, enabling cardiovascular diagnostics and more. All of this comes together at mobile carestations which in turn change care processes completely. Alphatron Medical presents some of its innovative case studies in this field

Antti Vesala

Antti Vesala is Product Marketing Manager at NewIcon. He is responsible of hospital products of NewIcon like storage and retrieval robots and smart medicine cabinets. Antti is working in close connection with over ten distributors in different countries which gives him versatile understanding of hospitals and their processes all around the globe

Presentation at Smart Hospital Conference: Automated Dispensing Cabinets & Closed Loop

Eva Wennerwald

Eva Wennerwald has worked inside innovation with ambient interventions in healthcare for more than a decade with the purpose reduce hospital stress for patients and staff. Using the elements LED light, audio and imagery to help patients relax, deescalate, stabilize breathing, scanning procedure, improve medicine uptake, safer delivery and sleep improvement as support to medical procedures.

Eva and her team are very passionate about their work inside ambient interventions in healthcare with the close contact to hospital patients and staff around the world. Creating audiovisual ambiances improve both working environment, patient comfort and also save money with one common denominator, reduce hospital stress.

Some of the more significant results will be presented by keynote in Stockholm and how Wavecare aim to use ambient intervention technology for improving their future work for stress reduction with patients and staff.

Presentation at iHospital Conference: Ambient Interventions in Healthcare

Ard Schalkwijk

Ard Schalkwijk is Sales Manager Healthcare at Advantech Europe, responsible for the European Channel management and business development within Advantech’s Healthcare division

Presentation at Smart Hospital Conference:We can see a rapidly aging population in Europe, putting strong pressure on healthcare systems and increasing demand for not only automated but also more secure processes within hospitals wards. The digitization of these processes is the first step many hospitals take to make their workflow more efficient. Consequently, the administrative workload of nurses and doctors decreases, making them focus on what they do best: providing high-quality healthcare to patients.

Robbert van Rooij

Robbert van Rooij is Managing Director at INTER. He is an accelerator in the field of system integration with a focus on healthcare and control rooms

Presentation at Smart Hospital Conference: Our Mission: Better decision making by presenting the right information at the right time. Giving our  future view on trends and opportunities for process optimization in the field of digital OR, multidisciplinary consultation rooms, connected videoconference, smart control rooms, practical training centers and more. How? By workflow management and integrated software solutions.

Frank Fritzsche

Frank Fritzsche is Manager at the Research and Advisory Services department within HIMSS Analytics in Europe. He is responsible for the execution of consulting engagements and the creation of market reports based on the HIMSS Analytics Maturity Models (e.g. EMR Adoption Model, Continuity of Care Maturity Model). Frank holds a Master’s degree in health economics from the APOLLON University of Applied Science and is graduated in sociology and cultural science at the University of Leipzig.

Presentation at Smart Hospital Conference: Benefits and Value of the HIMSS Analytics EMRAM standard

Registered attendees of the 2018 Edition, among others, were:

BeWell Innovations


Västerås Sjukhus

Advantech iHealthcare


Sahlgrenska Universitetssjukhus


Konsulent Blomseth & TOTTI Labs

Stockholms läns landsting

INTER Forward Solutions

Accelerated Growth AB

Staples Connect

Alphatron Medical Innovations

Technogarden AB

Grunenthal Sweden AB

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Region Västernorrland

December 04th 2018 in Stockholm, Sweden

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