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Excited about what the future might bring for new smarter hospitals? Where does the Internet of Things play a role in healthcare environments? Can we make hospitals more efficient and reduce costs? If you are interested in finding answers about these thoughts, register for the Smart Hospital Webinars 2019 and get inspired!

IoT in Health Applications

Experience how the Internet of Things (IoT) can revolutionize hospitals around the world

Creating Intelligent Hospitals

Get inspired from professionals to create the hi-tech intelligent hospital of the future

The Future of Working in Healthcare

Watch how health technology can improve in a patients stay at a clinic and hospital. Look further to find out about the work environment for doctors and nurses and the future of work in healthcare.

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What to expect from the Smart Hospital Webinar Series 2019


Learn from the Best!

We have invited leading innovators in the European healthcare technology industry to discuss and present with you major developments, challenges and technological advancements. Find out what trends are going to arrive in the near future while recognizing and solving issues every hospital in this generation is facing.
Almost all of our webinar presenters are also available for a exchange in knowledge at the MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf in Germany to discuss with you what the presented. A perfect opportunity for a Meet & Greet and more!


Digitize You Hospital Workflow

Find new ways of doing things more efficiently and effective and increase the satisfaction of the patient journey in your hospital. By finding cheaper yet just as efficient and safe solutions, you can invest even more in a modern, safe and pleasant environment. Recognize the medical grade technology that can elevate your surgery or treatment in the webinars and then discuss with us personally at the Medica in Düsseldorf, Germany, how we can help and support you with the next steps.


Meet with Experts and Network

The Smart Hospital Webinars give you ample time to understand and explore healthcare technology at your pace. Whenever you want, wherever you want.

But we know that a face-to-face discussion is often not only necessary, but also more valuable. Everyone that signs up for a webinar has the opportunity to make and appointment with us at the MEDICA 2019 in Düsseldorf and get a voucher for free entrance. Like this you can discuss with our partners from the webinar all your local and international challenges of digital healthcare in a professional environment.

Key Speakers of the 2019 Webinars Edition

Joris Wille

Joris Wille is founder and CEO of BeWell Innovations NV, a Belgium fast growing software company specialized in connecting medical technology for tele-monitoring and self-testing to support the 'Patient Journey' healthcare path.

Presentation at Smart Hospital Conference:Turning data into information and knowledge at each stage of the patient journey to provide significant value and enabling precision medicine

Sven Klement

Sven Klement is Divisional Manager at Alphatron Medical Innovations

Presentation at Smart Hospital Conference:Nowadays the majority of care processes in hospitals are digitized and part of the EHR, the electronic health record. It is thus about time to improve the workflow at the point-of-care to make patient care safer and easier, which means increasing effectiveness of the medical and nursing staff. This can be done with efficient filing, administrating and recording medication, measuring vital sings, enabling cardiovascular diagnostics and more. All of this comes together at mobile carestations which in turn change care processes completely. Alphatron Medical presents some of its innovative case studies in this field

Ard Schalkwijk

Ard Schalkwijk is Sales Manager Healthcare at Advantech Europe, responsible for the European Channel management and business development within Advantech’s Healthcare division

Presentation at Smart Hospital Conference:We can see a rapidly aging population in Europe, putting strong pressure on healthcare systems and increasing demand for not only automated but also more secure processes within hospitals wards. The digitization of these processes is the first step many hospitals take to make their workflow more efficient. Consequently, the administrative workload of nurses and doctors decreases, making them focus on what they do best: providing high-quality healthcare to patients.

Robbert van Rooij

Robbert van Rooij is Managing Director at INTER. He is an accelerator in the field of system integration with a focus on healthcare and control rooms

Presentation at Smart Hospital Conference: Our Mission: Better decision making by presenting the right information at the right time. Giving our  future view on trends and opportunities for process optimization in the field of digital OR, multidisciplinary consultation rooms, connected videoconference, smart control rooms, practical training centers and more. How? By workflow management and integrated software solutions.

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Excited about what the future might bring for new, smarter hospitals? What is the patient journey and where does the Internet of Things play a role in healthcare environments? Can we make hospitals more efficient and reduce costs? Where can we save costs while giving even better treatment to our patients?
If you are interested in finding answers, register for free for the Smart Hospital Webinar Series 2019 and get inspired!

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