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Are you curious about what the future could bring for new, smarter hospitals? Where does the Internet of Things play a role in healthcare? Can we make hospitals more efficient and reduce costs? If you're looking for answers to these questions, sign up for the Smart Hospital Webinars and be inspired by our experts from various areas of the hospital and the healthcare technology industry!

IoT in Hospitals

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What to expect from the Smart Hospital Webinar Series

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Learn From the Best!

We have invited leading innovators from the European healthcare industry to discuss with you and present you important developments, challenges and technological advances. Find out what trends will occur in the near future, and identify and solve problems that almost every hospital of this generation faces.
Almost all of our webinar moderators are also available for an exchange of knowledge at the virtual.MEDICA to discuss these topics with you personally. A perfect opportunity for a Meet & Greet and more!


Digitize your Hospital Workflow

Find new ways to make things more efficient and effective, and increase patient satisfaction in your hospital. By finding affordable, yet equally efficient and secure solutions, you can invest even more in a modern, safe and enjoyable environment. Recognize medical technology in the webinars that can improve your surgery or treatment, and discuss with us personally at the virtual.MEDICA how we can assist you in the next steps.


Webinar Topics

Co-Creating the future of Healthcare

What is approaching us in the healthcare sector? What challenges must our society face in order to make health care safe and efficient in the future? Are wearables the answer? This introductory webinar will give you an overview of the situation and let you explore the other webinars in more detail

A Digital Patient-journey Solution

Self-Measurements with the BeWell Self-Service Vital Signs Kiosk in the hospital of the Future? Already possible! In many Belgian hospitals, doctors can focus on what's most important - the patient. By using self-service vital signs measurement kiosks, nurses save a lot of time and the patient receives better service. But also safety measures are possible. How exactly this is done you see in our webinar!

Flow in Healtcare with AMiSconnect

A mobile, medically certified computer solution is presented by Alphatron Medical GmbH. There the process optimizations are explained by the connection of work processes by Mobile Work 4.0. Take a look at how the workflow in the hospital is streamlined and made more effective and efficient.

The Digital Operating Room

Take a look at what the operating room of the future might look like. With ORflow and iMAS, two high-end technologies are already available. But what must be taken into account and is it also feasible in older hospitals?

Overcoming the IoT challenges in healthcare

Here we discuss the pros and cons of IoT (Internet of Things) technologies and look at which IoT challenges need to be overcome to digitize a hospital.

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Are you curious about what the future could bring for new, smarter hospitals? What is the patient journey and where does the Internet of Things in healthcare play a role? Can we make hospitals more efficient and reduce costs? Where can we save costs and treat our patients even better?
If you're looking for answers, register for the Smart Hospital Webinar Series for free and be inspired!

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